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Why travel agencies need workflow automation to succeed in 2019?


It is no easy task to keep up with the ever-growing travel industry. With numbers growing by the day, it isn’t convenient for any travel agency to keep track with a manual travel booking system . Hence comes the need for automation. Customers want an easy travel agency management system that keeps errors at bay while giving them the advantages that a travel agency offers. For the travel agency though, it reduces manual labor and mistakes in the booking process that includes critical areas such as payments, billing, confirmations, etc. invariably saving the agency from potential financial losses.

So, What Makes Travel Agency Automation Software a Must for Travel Agencies in 2019?

The workflow challenge

The everyday workflow for travel agencies encompasses a wide range of processes that include documentations, notifications, reminders, invoices, organizing associated services, itineraries and follow-ups. It is no secret that the travel industry is moving to the digital medium in 2019, yet there are many humans operating behind the scene to keep the process going. By opting for a wholesome solution where the travel agency software features ensure an end-to-end solution, manual errors can become a thing of the past.

Surviving in a tech-savvy world

The tech savvy travelers of today love the Do-It-Yourself system and hence look for mobile booking facilities, travel choices and self-booking options. A manual travel agency management system can find it extremely difficult to cope. Studies reveal that by 2020 mobile bookings will contribute to 1/3 rd of all travel bookings. In short, if the agency doesn’t become tech-savvy nor introduce a self-booking tool today, it’s very survival can become a challenge.

The payment cauldron

Managing payments are one of the most critical issues that travel agencies face today. The billing procedure from initial form submissions, data storage, credit card bookings to actual billing can be quite a challenge when done manually. Having the right travel agen cy automation software eases the payment process and relative back office workflows, thereby ensuring that the major problem-area in the manual system is set right.

More demand but lesser booking capabilities

With the demand increasing by the day, the booking capabilities of travel agencies are challenged. An automated solution will enhance the number of bookings an agency can handle, thereby ensuring that apart from keeping customers happy, the agency can make more profits.

Millennial workforce

The workforce today are more tech savvy than ever before. As much as it is important to match the tech-savvy nature of the clientele, it also becomes essential to ensure that the workforce’s capabilities are utilized to full potential. Having the right travel agency software features will help not only in keeping pace with the millennial workforce but also would also monitor their performances.

For 2019 & beyond

Workflow automation can put a lot of things in place for the agency. Be it customer’s booking issues, payments or back office process checks or management related concerns, all is set right. This can save the agency plenty of time to concentrate on the bigger and better things in the travel industry that becomes the impetus for further growth & success.

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