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Travel portal development

Travel portal development for ultimate customer convenience

Team AgencyAuto provides travel portal development services for travel agents who are intent on generating the maximum possible return on investment from the sale of flights, hotels, and more. Offer rich inventory to customers via the cutting-edge travel portal developed by us and allow them to conveniently book trips with a few clicks.
Travel portal development has never been more accessible.

Travel portal development services (online b2b)

Using the AgencyAuto travel portal development services, travel agents, tour operators, and consolidators operating in the b2b space can easily distribute their travel inventory to their subagents.

Key functionalities of travel portal development for b2b travel agents

Massive benefits from travel portal development for b2b agents

Easy-to-use booking engine

Allow partners to easily search and book via a unified booking engine that has your inventory and third-party inventory made possible by APIs.

Effortless subagency partner logins

The travel portal development services from us will allow you to equip your partners with a comprehensive online booking experience, where they can log in privately and make bookings with personalized markups.

Multi-level distribution globally

Expand your travel agency’s reach globally with our travel portal development. You can use the solution to create multiple distribution channels by partnering with a global subagent network.

Year-round availability, 24x7 accessibility

With our travel portal development, you can ensure that you are always making money. The system will be up 24×7 throughout the year for your partners to make bookings.

Automation of the sales process

By means of our travel portal development, your agents can focus on negotiating better offers rather than performing mundane tasks. With the system in place, tasks, like searching, booking processing, and payment are all automated.

Mobile friendly design

Your distribution partners can have their pick of your inventory through any device. Our travel portal development ensures smooth workflow across all devices, and the system is highly reliable for making bookings throughout the year.

Powerful data analytics

You can see how well your agency is doing in a matter of seconds. The travel portal development from our end was focused on creating a solution that can give comprehensive reports on subagent performance to the travel agent so they can monitor the health of the distribution network 24×7.

Multi-currency and multi-language support

AgencyAuto travel portal development services are geared towards helping travel agents serve a global clientele. Because of that, the solution allows for multi-currency and language support.

How travel agency partners can benefit from travel portal development

There are typically two ways by which your subagent and other distribution partners can benefit from travel portal development.

Web interfaces

Through our travel portal development, you will have a customizable solution that can be connected to the booking engine for allowing your subagents and corporate customers to make bookings online.

API integration

If you have b2b travel partners, then our travel portal development can do wonders for you. Your partners can connect to your system with their interface using an API.

What our travel portal development customers have reported over the years

Increased revenue

Travel agency customers relying on our travel portal development have seen massive gains in their revenue, thanks to the increased distribution channels made possible by software for managing multi-level distribution.

Better collaboration with distribution partners

Travel portal development brings with it benefits, including the ability of distributors to search and book throughout the day without much manual work. Corporate customers and subagency partners can even be allowed to make bookings on their own through API integration or b2b interfaces.

Streamlined sales process

With the help of travel portal development, travel agencies can configure flexible commissions and markups. Reservation management is also fully automated, thanks to the travel portal development capabilities we have.

Deep dive via data analytics

A key benefit of travel portal development will certainly be the depth of data that the travel agency can obtain via reports detailing the subagent’s performance. With the in-depth analytics in hand, travel agents will be in a better position to manage their relationships with distribution partners.

Travel portal development (b2c clientele) benefits

With the power of travel portal development, b2c-based travel agencies can sell their inventory online directly to end customers with a delightful experience.
Using the b2c module of the travel portal development, your audience can easily view the best offers, fill out forms, make bookings with instant confirmations, compare suppliers, and manage their orders as well.
The system is user-friendly, easy to access, and ideal for online sales from any device or browser. With the b2c module, travel agencies, tour operators, tour distributors, etc., can derive the following uses.

Travel portal development for ultimate functionalities

Multi-currency/language functionality

The b2c travel portal development’s main benefit is that it can allow travel agents to access international users

In-built CMS

The users of the travel portal don’t require any technical skills. The embedded CMS ensures that anyone can meet their content management needs with the travel portal, irrespective of their technical skills.

Mobile responsiveness

Most bookings nowadays occur via mobile, so with our travel portal development, you can capitalize on the mobile-first audience. This will increase your bookings, and the mobile-friendly UI will delight your customers as well.

Easy customization and scalability

The travel portal developed by us is highly customizable for your b2c needs. You do not require any coding knowledge to personalize the portal or scale it according to your needs.

What you get with travel portal development by us

Given our extensive industry experience, we can develop travel portals for your b2c needs that will bring in more bookings and allow you to manage your travel agency effectively.
Here are the features that you can expect.

How travel portal development can help you beat out your competition

Notably, the travel portal development services allow travel agencies to access b2b, b2c, and mid-office capabilities and reach audiences across all devices. Additionally, they can service clients in the following ways.

Booking management

B2b and b2c customers of yours can access real-time airline inventory on account of GDS connectivity and generate their PNR without any hassle. They can also be allowed to make hotels and other bookings by means of API integration.

Forex and payment gateway functionality

This feature allows your customers to make payments in the currency and payment method of choice.

Automation of notifications

Customers will automatically receive booking confirmations, payment reminders, PNR info, etc. via SMS and other means.

Subagency management

To expand your travel agency’s reach, you can bring in multiple subagents by using our travel portal development. It is worth mentioning that you can create sub-agent profiles, allow them to make bookings, generate commissions on the same, check the status of the bookings in real-time, and monitor your agency’s performance with comprehensive reports.

Back and mid-office automation with travel portal development

Back-office and mid-office automation are important processes for travel agencies that help to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. Back-office automation refers to the automation of administrative tasks such as accounting, finance, and human resources. This can include automating tasks such as invoicing, financial reporting, and employee management. By automating these tasks, travel agencies can save time and reduce the potential for errors, which can help them to focus on more important tasks such as sales and customer service.
Mid-office automation refers to the automation of tasks that are performed between the back office and the front office, such as booking and itinerary management. This can include automating tasks such as inventory management, pricing, and reservation management. By automating these tasks, travel agencies can improve the speed and accuracy of their processes, which can help them to provide better service to their customers and increase revenue.
Meanwhile, mid-office automation involves the use of Itinerary management software, travel ERP, CRM for travel agencies, inventory management systems, and many more. These systems can be integrated to make the whole process more seamless and efficient.
With travel portal development, you can get all these benefits rolled into one.

Choosing the right firm for travel portal development

AgencyAuto is the perfect travel portal development partner for your agency. The following reasons have made it a sought-after name in the industry.

FAQs about travel portal development

1. What is a travel portal?

A travel portal is a website or platform that offers a range of travel-related services, such as booking flights, hotels, and rental cars, as well as providing information on destinations and travel itineraries.

2. What is travel portal development?

Travel portal development refers to the process of creating and building a travel portal, including designing the user interface, implementing the necessary features and functionality, and integrating with third-party systems such as airlines and hotels.

3. Why is a travel portal important for a travel agency or tour operator?

A travel portal can provide a central hub for managing and organizing all aspects of a travel business, from booking flights and hotels to managing customer inquiries and bookings. It can also help to improve the customer experience by providing a convenient and easy-to-use platform for accessing travel information and making bookings.

4. What are some common features of a travel portal?

Common features of a travel portal can include the ability to book flights, hotels, and rental cars; manage customer inquiries and bookings; store and manage customer information; and generate reports and analytics on business performance. Other features may include the ability to create and manage travel itineraries, access destination information, and reviews, make payments, and process refunds.

5. What are the technical requirements for a travel portal?

The technical requirements for a travel portal will depend on the specific features and capabilities of the portal, as well as the platform on which it is built. In general, a travel portal will require a web server, a database to store information, and an internet connection for accessing third-party systems and services. Depending on the platform and programming languages used, additional software and tools may also be required.

6. How much does it cost to develop a travel portal?

The cost of developing a travel portal can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the number of features and capabilities included in the portal. In general, costs can range from a few hundred dollars for a basic portal to several hundred thousand dollars for a more complex and feature-rich portal.

7. How long does it take to develop a travel portal?

The development time for a travel portal can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the development team. In general, a basic travel portal can be developed in a few months, while a more complex portal with many features and capabilities may take longer, up to a year or more.

8. Can a travel portal be customized to meet the specific needs of a travel agency or tour operator?

Yes, a travel portal can be customized to meet the specific needs of a travel agency or tour operator. This can include customizing the user interface and design, as well as implementing specific features and functionality based on the requirements of the business.

9. Is it possible to integrate a travel portal with other business systems, such as accounting software?

Yes, it is possible to integrate a travel portal with other business systems, such as accounting software. This can help to streamline operations and reduce the need for manual data entry and reconciliation, improving efficiency and accuracy.

10. Are there any free or open-source options for travel portal development?

Yes, there are some free or open-source options for travel portal development. These can provide a basic platform for building a travel portal but may be limited in terms of features and capabilities compared to paid solutions. It is always a good idea to research and compare different options to find the best fit for your business needs.

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