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With AgencyAuto, your travel agency/ travel management company can prevent leakage of revenue, enhance agent productivity, and increase your bottom line with multiple booking channels.
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End to end Travel Agency Software for all travel companies

For Travel Management Company

Agency Auto can help your TMC offer better business travel services to corporates, be more efficient in day-to-day operation, and effectively control costs by:

For Destination Management Companies (DMCs)

AgencyAuto helps destination management companies to manage group travel, travel agents, inventory, and retail customers seamlessly by:

For Tour Operators

AgencyAuto for tour operators allows you to optimize online sales and manage inventory & bookings—all in a flexible and robust platform by:

For Online Travel Agencies

For online travel agencies (OTAs), AgencyAuto is the perfect solution to boost productivity and grow sales consistently by:

Agency Auto Travel Agency Software can
deliver unparalleled returns on your travel business

Revenue enhancement

AgencyAuto ‘s vendor management and profitability tracking capabilities will help your travel company generate the maximum possible revenue from each customer.

Policy enforcement

Using AgencyAuto, it is now easy to ensure that the employees of your corporate client are adhering to the company’s policy on every trip.

Advanced reporting

With the interactive reports that AgencyAuto generates, travel companies can take stock of their performance and enact measures to improve it consistently.

Self-booking portal

For corporate clients, travel companies can use Agency Auto to provide an easy-to-use self-booking portal that can automate their entire business travel program.

Accounts management

By means of using AgencyAuto, travel companies can simplify their ledger management process, credit control, and supplier matching process.

Automated BSP reconciliation

AgencyAuto provides a report summary for BSP reconciliation after tracking all the transactions. This helps travel agents and airlines to have a smoother flow of data and funds between them.

Enhanced cross-selling

From a single platform, travel agents can manage multiple vendors and inventory. This facilitates cross-selling of ancillaries via vendor integration.

Automated promocode management

Travel companies can use AgencyAuto to map various offers and coupons for customers that automatically get displayed during the booking process.

Powerful integrations

Apart from integrating with all the major GDSs and NDC APIs in the world, our Travel Agency Software also can be integrated with various accounting and Human Resource Management Software.

Millions of bookings are processed via AgencyAuto Travel Agency Software
in major markets due to industry-leading benefits

Makes the travel agency super-efficient

AgencyAuto helps travel companies streamline all of the mid and back-office processes, including bookings, approval, rescheduling, canceling, accounting, and invoicing. As a result, travel agencies become extremely efficient and can focus more on revenue-generating tasks. Another way AgencyAuto boosts efficiency is by reducing errors while fulfilling travel requests by automated quality control.

Revenue maximization

AgencyAuto Travel Agency Software facilitates cross-selling and upselling through multiple vendors and inventory integration. Also, the tool helps travel companies charge optimal markup fees to maximize revenue in each transaction. Besides, with the 60+ reports with meaningful insights, travel companies can identify top revenue-generating sectors and customers to enhance their bottom line.

Exceptional customer experience

With AgencyAuto’s ticketing feature, travel companies can quickly send quotes to travelers, preventing them from dropping out of the transaction. Automated and instant notifications to customers regarding their travel itineraries and the ability to make travel requests from anywhere, anytime, and from any device also goes a long way in boosting customer experience.

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