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Top 5 challenges that barricades a corporate travel agency’s progress


International travel continues to be one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world today. With businesses setting eyes on newer shores, corporate travel too has seen a boom in recent times. This has put the travel industry in better light in the present day. Travel agencies are hence seen making the best use of this surge. Inspite of the positive trend, travel agencies face a few stumbling blocks posing a challenge to their success and survival. Given below are the Top 5 that plague travel agencies.

Stumbling block 1: The traditional stigma

Majority of the travel agencies today still use traditional methods to manage daily operations, which puts them at a disadvantage. As they remain the least preferred by the digital customers. Also, still most travel agencies are unwilling to move from the traditional method of maintaining client accounts.

Stumbling block 2: The independent traveler

From configuring a trip based on choice of activity, interest or destination to automated follow-up emails including confirmation, pre-trip emails & post trip surveys; tech-savvy travelers of today want to use a complete self booking tool that will give them the freedom they seek, yet connected to a process.

Stumbling block 3: The customer engagement & retention challenge

The advent of many online portals and luring strategies from competition, has taken a big dig on customer loyalty. Study reveals that 84% of travel customers plan their travel based on the influence of friends and family on social media platforms. Those travel agencies who have a good social media strategy coupled with a renowned cloud travel agency management platform will have the upper hand.

Stumbling Block 4: Difficulty in managing everyday processes

One of the most difficult challenges that travel agencies face today is to build trust & stamp their credibility on potential customers. To Err is Human! When maintaining manual systems, it becomes extremely difficult to ensure that the process is clear of errors. If there is an effective online travel agency management system in place, apart from easing out the process, it also helps build customer credibility and loyalty therefore ensuring that your customers stay with you.

Stumbling block 5: Multiple systems – too many cooks spoil the broth!

Travel agencies face everyday challenges managing multiple systems. Some travel agencies understanding the need to have an effective automation system, use premium travel agency software for each of their processes. An integrated travel agency booking and process management system is what is required. This facilitates everything from managing day-to-day transactions to complex processes.

The need of the hour

It is imperative that travel agencies understand what is required to not only make their job easy, but also aid in their overall growth. Being part of a booming industry, it becomes necessary to be at par with customer expectations. Get tech savvy, automate processes, make your present customer happy and add more to your kitty! A world of opportunity awaits. Don’t miss the bus!

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