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Elevate your Business by Reselling Best-in-class Travel Technology Software

Whether you are a technology consultant or an online influencer with many people eagerly hanging on to everything you have to say about SAAS products, you have a huge responsibility to bear.

Massive financial decisions regarding what software to purchase, which can make or break companies, lies in your hands.

No doubt, you take these responsibilities very seriously, and you are extremely selective when it comes to the products you bring to your audience’s attention.

Now, what if we told you that we had the perfect, most comprehensive suite of products that will delight your customers beyond measure?

No. We are NOT overpromising.

Over the years, we have built a suite of products companies of any size can benefit from. As a reseller, you will have the opportunity to net prominent airlines, travel agencies, and other corporates as customers.

We are experts when it comes to the relatively untapped market of travel technology, so that is bound to open new avenues of growth for you.

That is not all!

As our partner, you are entitled to the following benefits that will erase any doubt you may have about getting on board as an Infiniti reseller.

Sell mission-critical products

Our software is preferred by clients all over the globe because of their feature-rich nature and the cost savings that they provide. We have products ranging from travel agency automation software to airline disruption management software to expense management solutions that are indispensable in this era. Partnering with us in the capacity of a reseller, which enables you to leverage our brand name, will certainly pay rich dividends.

No need for product development

All you need to do to satisfy your customers is to partner with us; you do not have the risk of developing a product from scratch. You are free to make consistent returns by spending most of your time speaking to prospects and closing deals. Throughout your reselling journey, we will also be there to guide your team with complex tasks.

Make substantial returns

Since you will be reselling a product that already has a dedicated base of users, you do not have to invest a lot of money into reselling. With Infiniti’s brand recognition and the product’s unique benefits, you will be able to make significant commissions of up to 25 percent with low overhead costs.

Upsell more easily

Once you partner with Infiniti, you will have a clear idea of how to provide value to your customers. With this knowledge, you can bundle different services and offer unique solutions that give you an edge over the competition and generate optimal revenue.


So, are you excited about the prospect of leveraging your influence as a software reseller to bring you amazing, consistent returns while adding value to your clients?

 Reach out to us at marketing@infinitisoftware.net, and we will get you started on the journey towards becoming a high-income reseller for Infiniti.

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