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How do travel agents benefit from an online B2B travel portal?


B2B Travel Portal is an online booking engine that provides a white label solution to access real-time online bookings for hotels, flights, cars, and other travel products. The B2B travel portal also allows travel partners to create a network of sub-agents and expand sales even further.

The B2B travel portal provides an effective solution for travel agents and tour operators to make optimal decisions while booking hotels, flights, etc. It enables them to serve customers with the best pricing and inventory efficiently. Further, it allows travel agents to achieve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Here are a few features of the B2B travel portal to help travel agents grow their business smoothly.

Comprehensive Bookings management

B2B travel portal is a robust and flexible booking engine platform that supports travel agents and tour operators to book tickets within a minute. The booking management allows agents to change dates, edit names, process cancellations, etc.

Also, travel agents and sub-agents can view the travel services provided by the tour operators with the partner login entry. They can find all the services listed in the centralized system when making a reservation with a real-time fare.

Automatic booking and confirmation

Booking a flight ticket or reserving a hotel typically takes time. With a b2b solution, travel agents can easily access inventories, book tickets and hotels, or rent a car. Besides, agents can manage different vendors and inventories in a unified platform.

It is also worth mentioning that you can access net rates and the availability of suppliers in real-time with this travel portal. Invoices are generated automatically for every booking or cancellation done by the customers, saving massive amounts of time.

Partnership with the global travel service provider

Connection with the global service provider benefits travel agents. It helps you to provide a unique experience to the customers. With the right b2b software, you can integrate with the GDS, third-party APIs, accounting, and human resource management software to provide customers with a seamless experience.

Real-time data access

The primary benefit of the B2B travel portal is that it can integrate different APIs for flights, hotels, cars, and buses to provide real-time inventory. The cost of the services can change every hour, and with real-time inventory tracking, you can monitor, search, and offer the optimal price for your partners or customers.

Empowering sub-agents

The sub-agent system in the B2B travel portal empowers the sub-agents or consolidators with complete control with which they can provide tailored services to their customers.

Sub-agent management allows the travel agents to provide B2B logins to all sub-agents and their staff. It helps set up commissions, discounts, and markups for different sub-agents. The parent agent will have all the control over the sub-agents access and can also change the markup for each agent.


The future of the travel industry is based on digital-first strategies. Focusing on the requirements of the travelers and doing so with the modern B2B travel portal should be a top priority for the travel service providers.

B2B technology can help travel agencies to build a robust marketplace. It enables the business to attract new customers with the improvised digital experience.

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