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AI-Powered Qrobo for Real-time Notification of Airline Rescheduling/Cancellations


Being the best tool in a travel agent’s arsenal, Qrobo saves you time and money and leaves your customer smiling.

As per a report put out by the World Economic Forum, the airline industry has been severely impacted by the raging COVID-19 pandemic. What’s worse, the pandemic’s trajectory has become quite unpredictable, leading to airlines losing control over their operations. Cancellations and changes in flight timings have consequently become a way of life, and it is expected that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

As a travel agent, you are probably secure in the belief that your role extends only to making the flight booking for your clients and that what happens afterward is for the airline to deal with. 

This could not be further from the truth.

What a travel agent stands to lose from disruptions to the flight schedule

Loss of customer loyalty

The airline, for its part, will shoot off an email to both you and the passenger, informing of the rescheduling/ cancellation of the flight. The passenger expects you to convey the message personally to him/ her given that their email folders are generally full of spam and that you are the point of contact for that booking. 

Since sifting through email and finding the details of the countless passengers who have been affected is a tedious process, there is a high possibility that you may miss a few passengers, who will end up reaching the airport with no knowledge of the disruption in their flight services and become upset with you.

Loss of time and money

Whether it is a low-cost carrier that emails customers about flight delays/ cancellations or an FSC that provides disruption updates on GDS, travel agents are expected to notify passengers that their trip will not go as planned. 

It is either impossible or highly difficult for most travel agents to identify manually all the affected passengers and make them aware of the situation. Trying to do so will make travel agents lose valuable time that could have been spent making fresh reservations. 

A lot of money will also be lost because of the bad name that follows travel agents who do not inform passengers beforehand that their flights would not reach at the promised time. 

Automation—the Need of the Hour

The challenges faced by travel agents in the face of increasing flight cancellations & delays raises a serious question: 

Can the process of informing passengers be automated, saving travel agents a ton of time and money? 

Qrobo is the answer that we have come up with after intense brainstorming and execution by the travel industry experts who make up the development team of our company. 

What Qrobo can do for you 

Qrobo intelligently identifies the flights that have been affected by scanning travel agents’ email and GDS updates and automatically notify the agent so that they can personally inform the passengers of the disruption. 

You can integrate the solution with your existing booking engine, which will ensure that passengers do not show up at the airport earlier or later than they must. Also, when a passenger is informed promptly, he/ she is much less likely to become frustrated and make their bookings through another agent and with a different airline.


Qrobo will be a fantastic addition to your booking engine that will massively help you build customer loyalty and save money and time. 

 If you are interested in knowing more, you can reach us at [email protected]. 

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