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AgencyAuto - Travel Agency Automation Software Solutions

AgencyAuto is the complete solution under one roof to manage group travel processes from itinerary creation to exact travel solution for all your needs, whether it is B2B or B2C. AgencyAuto provides scalable solutions for all kinds of business and budget requirements. AgencyAuto can help to reduce manual work and improve efficiency. It enhances the cross-selling of ancillary services by vendor integration.

Our solutions

AgencyAuto allows the customers of the travel agency to directly access the online booking engine, plan their travel and make a booking.

Cancellation/ Rescheduling

AgencyAuto enhances the cancellation & rescheduling process with more specific facilities like onward, return and passenger wise cancellation & rescheduling.

AgencyAuto provides multi-level work flow, that lets travelers and approvers effectively and efficiently plan and approve travel request.

AgencyAuto provides travel policy engine that allows the policy of different corporates to be configured on the band, designation, department, location, etc.

AgencyAuto automatically generates the invoice for every booking done by the customer. It also initiates a credit note whenever the customer cancels a booking.

AgencyAuto lets the customers of travel agency to make payment through different modes such as net banking, upfront deposit, various physical credit cards and virtual credit cards.

AgencyAuto allows the customers of the travel agency to create new users and modifies the profile of existing users.

AgencyAuto automates the key functionalities within the operations department of the travel agency. Higher efficiency and faster turn around time help in attracting customers.

AgencyAuto provides profitability tracker, revenue enhancer, and vendor management that lets travel agencies maximize their revenue from each customer.

AgencyAuto simplifies the credit control, supplier matching and ledger management process. It ensures accurate invoicing and complete accounting of every transaction.

AgencyAuto helps travel agencies to have an in-depth understanding of their business performance so that they are able to take appropriate decisions.

Vendor management

  • Airline
  • Car
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Hotel

Multiple suppliers

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