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AgencyAuto - Travel agency Software Benefits

Automate your travel agency functions with AgencyAuto and gain visibility and control on Agency Revenue and Expenses. The travel agency software reduces the cost of manual work and increases the revenue of your business. AgencyAuto is also providing Hybrid Mobile Application, which gives customers the convenience to book and manage anywhere at any time. The AgencyAuto app is all you need for a successful business.


Helps travel agencies to distinctly charge their customer with different transaction/markup fee for maximizing revenue per transaction. Also, they can cross-sell ancillary services to boost their revenue.

Reduced turn around time

Most of the travel agencies process travel request manually with the help of travel desk team. It may take long hours to quote a price and this delay in processing time results in customer drop out. Auto-ticketing feature helps travel agencies to respond faster and better.

When accounting is done manually it may prone to error. AgencyAuto automates invoicing of the tickets and ensures proper accounting of every transaction. Credit control and supplier reconciliation process identify and prevents revenue leakage.

Streamlined agency process

The manual process in travel agencies tends to be time-consuming and inefficient. AgencyAuto systematizes the process and helps in bringing control over the agency functions. Booking, approval, cancellation, rescheduling, invoicing and accounting are seamlessly done without any human intervention.

Automates the workflow of the agency, thereby reducing the time spent by travel consultant on non-revenue generating tasks. Also, quality control feature reduces the chances of error to negligible while fulfilling the travel request.

Enhanced communication

Helps to discard expensive communication means such as phone calls, e-mails, scanned documents, and faxes by fulfilling the travel requests in few clicks. It also constantly notifies customers about their travel itineraries.

With more than 60 reports giving meaningful insights, travel agencies can take quick and accurate strategic decisions. They can quickly identify the major revenue generating sectors, customers and plan their revenue program.

Customer satisfaction

With the help of AgencyAuto customers can raise travel requests anywhere, anytime through any device. Customers find it user-friendly as all their travel requirements are met through a single system.

Customization helps to add on features according to the requirement of travel agencies. Multi-language, multi-GDS, multi-currency, multi-user and multi-branch features help them to serve their customers in a specialized way.

Multiple clients/sub agents management

Travel agencies can manage multiple sub-agencies by assigning specific corporates to them. AgencyAuto provides a single platform for processing and managing multiple customer travel request.

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